Get Involved

Until every person knows and feels loved by God, there will be an endless number of ways we can all be part of the solution. Here are a few ideas to that end, but please do not let our list limit you. If there is something you feel passionate about doing to help HOPE serve our community, we’d love to visit with you and help make it happen! We are dedicated to connecting our supporters in ways that best align with their gifts and passions.

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We are always looking for good volunteers to help raise awareness and support, and we would love to plug you in to an area of our work that you’re passionate about. Our job is certainly not possible without such amazing help!


We host a number of local events and campaigns throughout the year as community outreach and fundraising extensions to progress our work at HOPE. Join us!


Speak Up

Interested in hearing more about HOPE from one of our team members? We'd love to engage your group and share our story - as well as how we can all be the kind of people who are committed to making the world a better place. We're available to speak at business organizations, school classrooms, churches, small groups, civic groups, and retreats.

We're also passionate about our supporters using their own voice to speak up about our work in the community. Stay up to date via social media outlets and through our newsletter. Share with the world why affirming life and addressing social injustice is important to you.